Republican Congressional Candidate, Jason Mariner.

Florida’s America First, Fight To Unite, Congressional Candidate, Jason Mariner, has vowed to serve all-citizens of CD20. As Joyce Kaufman said, Jason is “heaven bent” on reviving America First values.

A proud father of two young boys, a successful self-made businessman, Jason understands the importance of education, security and a strong economy. He will stop at nothing to ensure that all CD20 residents have a shot at a bright future.

Jason was adopted at birth. A man of faith, Jason beat drug addiction, co-founded a drug & alcohol detox facility, and from his Jupiter garage, started an advertising company that went national in its second year.

Jason is a Martial Arts expert, inventor, craftsman, fisherman, explorer, historian, and artist.

With God, Family and Country at his core, Jason Mariner, a force to be reckoned with, WILL BE YOUR VOICE IN WASHINGTON!